Pitch Support

Got an important pitch for new business coming up?  We can help with full pitch support!

Our team have been involved in successful sales pitches across a many industries and can provide you with consultancy style pitch support throughout the process that will help you win more business!

We work with you to develop a winning pitch to clients that will make a huge difference to both the way you approach and win new business.

More than Sales Support

pitch supportPitching for new business can be stressful and time consuming for your team.  Our pitch support service will help you streamline the process from start to finish.

Our innovative and proven methods are based on clear principals of marketing and help you tailor your product and message to your target audience better.

We help you to:

  • Choose the right opportunities for your business
  • Develop a meaningful relationship with prospects that will put you ahead from the start
  • Build a better client-vendor relationship
  • Understand what your prospect is really looking for
  • Write a killer proposal that prospects can't ignore
  • Build a pitch team that showcases the skills in your business
  • Design, create and deliver a presentation that will blow clients away
  • Manage the post-sales process better

Pitch Coach and Pitch Support

Pitching for new business is the most complex part of the sales process.  It's when your prospects have the opportunity to really dig into your proposal and "see the whites of your eyes".  As part of our process, we assign you with a coach who will help you select the right people to pitch a particular piece of business, and coach them to deliver it.

Your pitch coach will spend time on site with you at the beginning of the process to build the proposal and then provide you with pitch support as required before returning to your office to help you finalise the team and presentation before you meet the prospect.

The Benefits of Proper Pitch Support

We believe that the sales process should be something that includes the whole business.  Growth benefits everyone.  With our pitch support service, we help you to build the sales experience and skills of key members of your team that will help them to improve their client facing skills and understand how to pitch for new business.

What We Do

Use Compeller's team as an extension of your own.  We'll provide client research and profiling information so you can understand what your customers value.  We'll help you tailor the benefits of your proposition to the specific needs of the prospect and build a proposal that ticks all their boxes.

Once you've been selected for a face to face presentation, we'll work with you to develop the pitch to the point where it's slick, coherent, and will win new business.

What Pitch Support Costs

Our Pitch Support costs are tailored to you.  We offer a range of flexible consultancy terms from half day rates through to a full week on site with you.

Talk to us today about your needs and we'll put together a pitch package that's right for your business and will help you win!

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